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Experience the powers of the next-gen Blockchain platform of Zilliqa, a public Blockchain based on the concept of sharding.


What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa is the next-generation Blockchain platform that leverages the concept of sharding which allows it to combat the issue of Blockchain trilemma. With its innovative approach, the Zilliqa Blockchain platform is capable of providing all three - Scalability, Decentralization, and Security. The smart contract language of Zilliqa, Scilla, adds further value to the applications built on top of this platform as it addresses the key security concerns of smart contracts. Due to its capability of accommodating a high number of transactions without causing any network congestion, there is a very low transaction fee for transactions completed over the Zilliqa Blockchain.

How Zilliqa works

Zilliqa has a hybrid consensus mechanism which makes it one of the few Blockchain platforms that are truly decentralized. According to this mechanism, a transaction block on the Zilliqa blockchain goes through two layers described below:

Shard layer box
Shard layer

The shard layer is the division of the main Blockchain into smaller networks called shard which process individual blocks of transactions. After the small transaction blocks or microblocks are validated by the shards, they are pushed to the main Blockchain.

DS-layer touch
DS layer

The microblocks by different shards are not directly added to the Blockchain. This process is completed in the DS layer. In this layer, a small group called a DS-committee is formed by randomly selecting the nodes. This committee combines the blocks and validates the whole block that is formed before it is added to the Blockchain.

As a result of this process, the Zilliqa Blockchain becomes immune to forks as the possibility of disagreement between the nodes becomes negligible.

Benefits of Zilliqa

Considering the tremendous amount of Blockchain platforms in the market, a common question among many clients is why Zilliqa should be the Blockchain platform on which they build their use-case or their Decentralised Application. While the appropriateness of a Blockchain platform depends entirely on the requirements of a particular application, mentioned below are the top benefits of the Zilliqa Blockchain platform which will help you understand its usefulness for your application.


Due to the incorporation of sharding, the Zilliqa Blockchain Platform is able to accommodate the need for better scalability for the Blockchain applications. For a network operating with 1800 nodes, 1,218 transactions are processed per second. If the nodes are doubled, the number of transactions is believed to become 2,828 per second.


Transaction Finality is one of the key factors in any use-case being implemented on the Blockchain. Therefore, with the hybrid consensus of Zilliqa, transaction finality is achieved irrespective of the use-case. The network verifies the transaction in two layers which adds more credibility to each transaction.


As the Zilliqa Blockchain follows a hybrid consensus algorithm where each transaction is first validated by shards in parts, and then the complete validated transaction is validated again by the DS layer committee, there is no possibility for the nodes to disagree on a transaction. This makes Zilliqa a fork-less Blockchain.


Unlike the commonly used consensus algorithms which eventually become centralized, Zilliqa’s hybrid consensus makes it truly decentralized. The double validation process in Zilliqa is the core reason why a transaction on Zilliqa can never be questioned.

Less computational power

Using multiple layers of validation, Zilliqa does not require high computational power for a single node as it distributes the transaction validation process among the network. On the other hand, Blockchains that implement consensus algorithms such as the Proof of Work require unbelievably high computational power.

What We Offer

Quillhash is a pioneer in Blockchain application development. Our experts and certified developers have extensive experience in developing scalable, production-grade Blockchain applications. We have leveraged our expertise to develop several applications on the Zilliqa Blockchain to cater to our client’s needs.

Zilliqa development

We can develop your new idea or existing use-case on the Zilliqa Blockchain platform to help you achieve more scalability and finality. Whether the use-case requires basic or advanced smart contracts, we are equipped with the appropriate skill set to deliver the best result.

Zilliqa smart contract development

The DeFi developers at Quillhash possess expertise in the development of the latest financial services using smart contracts. We have worked with the smart contract language of Zilliqa, Scilla, and know how to leverage its advanced features to deliver the best-in-class smart contracts.

DeFi dapp

Quillhash provides comprehensive services when it comes to Blockchain. Our team includes dynamic frontend developers, creative designers, and hardworking backend developers along with expert smart contract developers. This allows us to develop a complete and optimized Decentralised Application for our clients.

Zilliqa Consultation

Want to understand how this Blockchain platform works and what is its significance for your use-case? Reach out to the Blockchain consultants at Quillhash and get all the knowledge that you need to move forward with your idea.

Smart contract Audit

Worried about the safety of your smart contract on Zilliqa or wondering if there are any loopholes that the hackers can exploit? Reach out to the team at Quillhash. Our smart contract auditors can analyze your Zilliqa smart contract in the least possible time and provide a detailed report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zilliqa better than Ethereum?
No Blockchain platform is better than the other. It depends entirely on your use-case and requirements. For an application that requires greater transaction scalability and less power consumption, Zilliqa is a better choice.
How soon can my application be developed on Zilliqa?
Quillhash’s developers are capable of delivering the Blockchain application on top of Zilliqa platform in the best possible timeline along with the best quality code.
What is Zilpay?
For decentralised applications, Zilpay integration provides the complete ecosystem. Zilpay is a browser wallet for the Zilliqa Blockchain which can be integrated directly with the Dapps.
What is Scilla?
Scilla or Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language is the native language of Zilliqa for smart contracts. Scilla is the reason why smart contracts on Zilliqa have gained popularity because of their robustness. Things like sanity-checkers and formal verifications in Scilla make it one of the best languages to develop secure and optimized smart contracts.

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