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STO- What, Why, For Whom?


Crypto tokens which have credits of security and pass Howey test is considered to be security token. These tokens are basically generated to constitute assets namely equity,loan/debt or investment funds.

Security tokens are holding an expectation of cash flow from the task of the issuer.


Security tokens offer benefits which include:
STO provides investor to sell or transfer the tokens that are being issued.
This also provides to separate the tokens into smaller units, which makes easier to transfer fractional ownership and also make affordable for investors. Security tokens will also represent many assets namely:

  1. Fractionalized stocks
  2. Issuance of public sector bonds
  3. ETFs
  4. Index funds

These are some assets that will be represented by STOs and name a few.

For Whom?

Companies can create token where token will backed by stock in their respective company, so the holders will have equal right in voting and dividend issuance. Trading in real world item namely gold or real estate etc., where the tokens can be backed by the assets, STO can be created to build the trust relationship between investors and the company.

Security tokens can also raise funds by promising of payback to attract debt investors in case where the company is not tokenize the stock and reserve assets.


In crypto space an ICO(Initial coin offering) considered as platform where company raise fund in cryptocurrency projects. For a company ICOs acts as fund raising plan of action where investors can participate in that particular project and buy pre-existing digital tokens. The company use the investors fund to complete particular goal and launching it’s product.

STO make business beneficial as the sale of tokens are restricted to authorized investors and this also provides to new market products and services. These tokens have possibilities that provide better security over the traditional.

STO follows genuine way to keep considering security and regulations instructed by government.


Quillhash provides a platform where we provide standard token protocol for investment and creating security tokens. We provide standard security tokens bringing all together including developers, legal professional and business.

We provide quality work with customer trust over his project. For tokenization we have our own Quillhash platform which divides the project in different modules and provide flexibility to complete the project. Our platform divides the project in following way:

STO follows genuine way to keep considering security and regulations instructed by government.

1. Information

Having good knowledge that what has to been done should be clear in successful completion of the project. Understanding the project by diving deep into provides our employees to work better.


KYC is mandatory in blockchain space where millions of dollar are being invested. At Quillhash, we provide manual as well as automated KYC ensuring the identity of the investor which provides investor protection and satisfaction in the project.

3. Legal Documentation

Legal documentation is carried out between the project and the investor that is being reviewed by the team of Quillhash. Quillhash ensures that the parties have gone through all legal document before the investment.

4. Payment Gateways

Cyber security is important where cash flows and even mandatory which we are in blockchain space as discussed earlier. We provide security when the investor invest in the project through crypto or fiat.

5. Claiming Tokens

After all those modules are completed investor can claim their tokens. Tokens can be transferred to the wallet of investor or can be claimed after the timestamp will be over.

This is a brief overview that how our platform help to Tokenize and even this modules are divided into sub modules and having different task that will be performed accordingly to the functionality of the project.

Quillhash can help you in any aspect project dealing blockchain and specially when if your project operating in:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Agriculture
  3. Hotel
  4. Warehousing

And name a few.

Fund will be tokenized in it’s assets and investors will have fractional ownership. The holder will have following advantage over ICOs:

  1. Investors will get dividends from the cash flow of the assets in form of crypto.
  2. People will have accessibility to their assets even when they are reside them.
  3. Investor will get overall financial report the how project is evolving.
  4. Higher profit for token holder as fees are affordable.

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