dNFTs (Distributed Non Fungible Tokens)

dNFTs is an open source free standard that provides distributed ownership of NFTs in real life applications on EOS blockchain. It offers utility to various industries that require ownership in the form of distributed rights.

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Applications that can be built using dNFTs

The blockchain powered marketplace that links itself with real world. Applications require authenticity of accounts doing the transactions on EOS to limit the number of fake account holders creating NFTs claiming their ownership. dNFT will be of great value to such applications. Percentage shares of any valuable asset needs to be verified by validators in the real-world along with blockchain as an immutable ledger shall act as proof of authenticity and uniqueness of that NFT.

Our philosophy

Every creation of NFT by owner needs to be verified by trusted validators in the real-world. They need to choose 1 validator from trusted validators list and one is chosen by contract randomly. They encrypt their unique information (e-mail, name, phone etc.) using chosen validator’s key and sign the json document. The hash is shared on blockchain and once both validators verify the creation, it is alive for buying, selling and transferring functions. The 100% ownership is sustained by using 100 stable coins (PER) of that asset. Each different industry can form a different hierarchy altogether and act as a market to each of them.

Distributed Non Fungible Token use cases

Music industry





Research works

Sharing platform (Storage, GPU)

Businesses ownership


Gaming industry

Sports clubs and teams

Our Distributed Non Fungible Tokens (dNFT)

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Supporters and Adopters


They have created a marketplace for music rights via their platform. It shall be an awesome opportunity for anyone to list and earn from their music.


We are constantly taking feedback of the EOS community to develop this standard.

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