Blockchain for Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights of an individual to their assets, they should have the complete knowledge of where and how it is being used however this is not the case in real world. Today innovators and artists are grey because there aren’t efficient tools available to prove your authenticity. There’s a silver lining, Blockchain!

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Blockchain provides solutions to real world problems. The two main features of blockchain that are useful for copyrights are: hashing and proof of existence. It stores IP information in an immutable cryptographically coded block. By registering work on blockchain, a digital certificate will be issued with a timestamp that will authenticate the work. Immutable feature of Blockchain ensures that once information is stored, it can never be changed or lost, hence your rights remain protected from any case of plagiarism, forgery or counterfeit.

Blockchain Protect Intellectual Property Rights



It is equivalent to a digital fingerprint, it is the process by which a document is encrypted into a fixed length of code which can only be decrypted by a private key known only to the user. Once an information is recorded in a hash, it can not be tampered with. Any meddling and source of interference with the data is recorded and can be mapped.

Proof of existence

It is the recording of hashing on the Blockchain at a specific time, every transaction or changes taking place on the Blockchain are recorded with timestamp.


Ownership with the registration of an innovation or a creation it is safe from plagiarism, owner of the IP will be notified if there’s an unauthorized use of work and the user can be mapped with the help of blockchain.


IPR registered on Blockchain is visible to everyone on the network which prevents or diminishes any case of forgery. Constructing a copy of an Intellectual Property notifies an owner immediately and the system disrupts the copy immediately.


That is the core of Blockchain, rather than one central authority all the data is shared on a distributed ledger that is visible and accessible to all. This approach prevents tampering of data hence improving the reliance among the users.

Our IP Rights Technology Stack


Etherium ,Eos and Hyperledger.

Smart Contracts

Solidity, C++ and Go.

Protocols & Standards

ERC-721, dGoods, dNFT

Blockchain Intellectual Property Rights

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