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Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain based platform that provides solutions to the problems in the business. Its modular architecture delivers high level of confidentiality, resilience, flexibility and scalability.

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How Hyperledger Fabric is Best for Businesses/Institutions ?

How hyperledger Fabric differs from other blockchains is that it is private and permissioned. Rather than an open permissionless system that allows unknown identities to participate in the network (requiring protocols like “proof of work” to validate transactions and secure the network), the members of a Hyperledger Fabric network enroll through a trusted Membership Service Provider (MSP).It's designed to execute the different components of business and accommodate complexity and intricacies of the economic ecosystem.

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Private Transactions

Hyperledger allows user the ability to create channels, this is an important option for some networks that are competitors and want to make some transactions invisible to their competitors. If two participants form a channel then only them have a copy of the ledger and no other user can access the data.

Multiple Smart contracts Language Availability

Hyperledger smart contracts are written in Chaincode that contain the business rule of the system, it is written in java or Go. Chaincode initializes and manages ledger state through transactions submitted by applications, its basic principle is to separately encode each component. A chaincode typically handles business logic agreed to by members of the network, so it is similar to a “smart contract”

Plug & Play Consensus Protocols

There are a number of consensus protocols presents hence it can be tailored accordingly for the different use cases. It serves to generate an agreement on the order and to confirm the correctness of the set of transactions constituting a block.

Network Roles

Hyperledger fabric assigns network roles by node type. To provide concurrency and parallelism to the network, transaction execution is separated from transaction ordering and commitment. Executing transactions prior to ordering them enables each peer node to process multiple transactions simultaneously. This concurrent execution increases processing efficiency on each peer and accelerates delivery of transaction to the ordering service.

Modular Algorithms

Hyperledger implements a modular architecture to provide functional choice to network designers. Specific algorithms for identity, ordering and encryption can be plugged into any Hyperledger Fabric Network.

Hyperledger Fabric Projects We have Developed

Wine Supply Chain

Developed solution for http://winesty.com for Wine supply chain .

Pharmaceutical Supply chain

Developed a in house project for track and trace of pharmaceuticals

Shrimp Supply Chain

Worked with Tata Group and Indian Government for track and trace of shrimp.

Hyperledger Wallet

Worked on first ever chaincode based wallet on hyperledger with elamachain to build a Hyperledger Based Wallet.

Electronic Health Records

Developed a Solution for Electronic Health Record on Blockchain with stellar Blockchain Integration for payments.

Our Hyperledger Fabric Development Industries

Automation Industry

The amount of data that automotive industry players must keep track of is exploding, from parts suppliers and manufacturers to customers and safety regulators. Hyperledger fabric can help build efficiency, transparency, and trust with a shared, permissioned record of ownership, location and movement of parts and goods. And the versatility of blockchain records makes them perfect for keeping up with innovative new business models.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Foster greater trust and collaboration across the global supply chain with real-time, universal insights into products and processes. Shopper confidence grows in aisles and online as blockchain verifies the authenticity and safety of goods. Retail supply chain participants can better ensure they’re trading in ethically-sourced goods to meet emerging consumer demands. Retailers can promote products, earn loyalty and gain insights into consumer preferences in entirely new ways.

Media and Entertainment Industry

Provides solution to increasing fraud in entertainment, media and advertisement. Restores transparency in media, entertainment and advertising via Hyperledger Blockchain, it addresses trust, control and arbitrage concerns.

Healthcare Industry

Streamlining clinical data across various organizations, Blockchain decentralized healthcare information, increasing data availability, efficiency, transparency and trust .

Travel and Transportation Industry

There are millions of moving parts in Travel and Transportation industry, like in the airline industry there are numerous B2B contract transactions occur between booking agents, air carriers, credit card companies and airports. The results often lead to complexity, error or transaction issues. But when all parties use the same data in a blockchain environment, common information visibility and sharing can eliminate inconsistencies.

Banking and Finance Industry

Bring transparency, simplicity and efficiency to every financial transaction. Creating an ecosystem of trust designed to expand beyond regional or geographic boundaries. Quickly processes document transactions, faster cross-border payment and transactions.

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