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Crypto Payment Gateway

Increasing number of businesses are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and we help these businesses by developing a custom cryptocurrency payment gateway for their platform.

Crypto Payment Gateway

About Crypto Payment Gateway

According to Statista, the number of cryptocurrency users increased from 9 Million in 2016 to 42.3 Million in 2019.

A Crypto Payment Gateway is a platform through which accepts payments from customers in various kinds of cryptocurrencies and verifies their authenticity to reduce fraud.


Smooth Conversion

Conversion between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies is extremely convenient for users

Various Payment Options

Users can exchange their fiat currencies to crypto through Credit/Debit card, Netbanking, etc

Multiple Cryptocurrency Support

The wallet comes with multi cryptocurrency support and allows the user to transact in multiple currencies.

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication makes sure that only the designated user is allowed the access for payments

Transaction History

Admin and Users will have access to the transaction history

Globally Accessible

Users from all over the globe will have access to the gateway without any restrictions

Dispute Handling

The user can report a dispute in case of any discrepancy during payment

Customer Support

The Customer Support not only takes augmented customer queries but also resolves many of the faq queries regarding any event and action supported by the gateway.


Save Payment Gateway Fee

A custom payment gateway saves the fee which third party gateways would charge

Personalized Features

We, at Quillhash make sure that the payment gateway is built with features, functions and design which fits your requirement and needs.

Fast Transactions & Minimal processing Fee

The gateway focuses on fast transactions with next to zero processing fee

Easy Integration

The custom crypto gateway is extremely easy to integrate on your website

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