Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

A Cryptocurrency wallet is an application which allows a user to send, receive, manage and store their digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The wallet interacts with the Blockchain network to facilitate the transfer and monitoring of currencies.


About Wallet Development

A Cryptocurrency wallet is similar to a bank account and stores the user’s keys (both public and private). The public key allows for other wallets to make payments to the wallet's address, whereas a private key enables the spending of Cryptocurrency from that address.

The team at Quillhash Technologies utilizes their vast experience in Blockchain development in creating safe, secure and fast Cryptocurrency wallets. A custom Cryptocurrency wallet allows the use of custom features and ensured security for the transaction of cryptocurrencies without leaving your platform.


Web Wallet

A Web wallet runs can be accessed using the internet on a browser from any device. These are far more convenient and fast than other types of wallets. A web wallet can be seamlessly embedded into your website’s interface for transactions.

  • Direct integration on the website
  • Fast and easy transactions
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency support

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets run on the phone and are quite useful as they can be used at say retail stores or cafes. These can be thought of as simpler versions of desktop wallets due to the space constraints on the mobile phone. We provide additional security features on the mobile wallets with biometric verification.

  • Biometric (Fingerprint) authorization
  • Fast transactions with QR scanning
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency transactions from anywhere

Desktop Wallet

Desktop wallets are installed on a PC or a laptop and are only accessible from that device. This provides the highest levels of security and allows cold storage, meaning the wallet can be disconnected from the internet.

  • Enhanced levels of security
  • Private keys not stored in 3rd party servers
  • Easy to use and store any amount of currencies

Our Wallet Features


Our wallet incorporates the highest levels of security to make sure that your cryptocurrencies are safe from any kind of attacks.

2-Factor Authentication

Using multiple factors of authentication ensures that only the designated user is able to access the account.

New Public Key for transaction

The wallet generates a new public key for every transaction to avoid anyone snooping on your payment history, hence ensuring security and privacy.

Timely Logout

Each session is automatically logged out once the transaction is completed to ensure that no one can access your account behind your back.

Auto Duplicate Payment denial

Since most of the cryptocurrencies do not allow chargebacks, auto denial of duplicate transactions help the customers avoid them.

Wallet Backup

Backup of the wallet at constant time-interval protects your cryptocurrencies from theft, fraud or software failure.

Encrypted Private Keys

Your private keys will be stored with high levels of encryption to save them securely and protect your currencies.


The wallet development process takes your requirements and needs in consideration to develop an easy to use and customized wallet.


Frequently used addresses

You will have access to your frequently used addresses on the wallet to carry out the transactions quickly.


Real-Time Currency Rates

The wallet will have real-time updated rates of multiple cryptocurrencies so you won’t have to leave the wallet.


QR Code Scanner

You can scan a QR code to quickly carry out the transaction at your nearby restaurant or grocery store.


Push Notifications

You will receive push notifications about your transactions and changes in the value of your cryptocurrencies


Spendings Visualized

The user will have access to their transaction history and will be able to see their transactions visualized in a beautiful manner.

Our Crypto Wallet Development Projects


Decentralized Music Platform on EOS Blockchain

The idea here is to make a platform for Music and Intellectual Property industry by digitizing the assets and making them tradable as traditional shares of company.

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Decentralized Retail Data Marketplace

Here we are collecting Users Offline and Online shopping, retailers sales data andstoring data in decentralized way using Ethereum Blockchain, BigchainDB & integrating AI.

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