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Wine Track and Trace

Blockchain based track and trace solution for Wine industry

Blockchain based track and trace solution for Wine industry


The necessity of wine supply chain traceability system is inevitable due to increase in counterfeiting, adulteration, and use of excessive preservatives and hazardous chemicals.

  • To overcome these issues, wine industry is in need of a traceability system which enables a consumer to verify the composition of each batch of wines from the grape growers to the retailers.

  • Most of the current systems are RFID and web based and thus it is possible to counterfeit stored information as required.

  • wine dangers


    A blockchain based wine supply chain traceability system where every transaction is recorded as a block in the chain and is visible to the relevant participants. In addition to providing quality information management framework, the proposed traceability system enables transparency, safety, and security in the overall process from the grape to the bottle.

  • These blocks of information is immutable since any change to the recorded information will break the chain.

  • Data is captured from every stage of the wine-making process; smart labels tell the story.

  • Furthermore each time the bottle moves – between producers, brokers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers – the status of the bottle is also updated on the blockchain.

  • What we have developed:-

    We have done extensive research on implementation of permissioned blockchain network for Wine industry and successfully delivered a technical research architecture for the same.

    We are currently developing a POC on the same.

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