Tokenizing assets on
Hyperledger Fabric

Tokenizing assets on Hyperledger Fabric


The Chinese cross-border e-commerce trading is booming exponentially but the majority of the shopping malls are still not able to participate in this sector. Furthermore, most of them only actively operates online duty-free, which means it is almost impossible or small businesses to land.

  • There is also a lack of customer-service and follow up management

  • Lack of convenience for Chinese tourists in terms of Online reservations/payments.

  • Necessity of integrated app to minimize inconveniences in using coupons of each duty free shop

  • There is no integrated single app for Chinese tourist groups which leads to inconvenience in using discount coupons across different duty-free shops
  • Also, the current Hyperledger based permissioned networks do not have the utility of a token to act as a payment mechanism.


    ELAMACHAIN plans to develop cross-border AI platform which breaks down the borders with permissioned blockchain technology and AI chatbot technology, and provide cross-border e- commerce along with cross-border tourism services

  • Provisions of directions through associated services ( GPS-on foot, by car, by public transportation)

  • Associated franchises through associated services ( friends or tour guide locators)

  • Call a taxi through an associated service

  • General payment methods

  • Integrated points exchange (combined associates and own company’s points, matching private authentication key)

  • A technology to commercialise “hyperledger fabric-based transaction system”, is developed for the first time in the world by adding the company’s own coin layers to a permissioned blockchain (hyperledger fabric)

    What we have developed:-

    This project was comprised of 7 sub-projects -

  • Developing a Reactjs app for wallet UI - App contains admin and user sections where admin can mint tokens, transfer tokens,check balance and transaction history of users and users can login in to specific organisation, check their balance , transaction history and transfer tokens to other users

  • Chaincode Analysis - In this part a complete analysis of chaincode was done, which comprised of understanding every line of code using manual reverse engineering to define the architecture of chaincode

  • Chaincode Manual and Unit Testing - In this part manual and unit testing of chaincode was done. Manual testing was done by making manual transaction from docker-cli interface and comparing the results between expected and actual result. Unit tests were written using chaincode mock shim interface and some third party golang packages

  • Chaincode performance analysis using hyperledger caliper - In this part chaincode performance is calculated using hyperledger caliper. Chaincode was executed in multiple network configuration as given in caliper sampl

  • Chaincode performance analysis using hyperledger caliper after integrating accelerator - In this part chaincode performance is improved by integrating accelerator which is done by making the code compatible with accelerator by adding batchUtil chaincode

  • Testing the chanicodes in various testing environments - in this part production network like Kafka, Orderer and Kubernetes deployment were set up for the chain codes to benchmark the performance
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