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Crowd Funding Platform

Blockchain Based Crowd Funding Platform

An emerging economy infrastructure for global investors, by making investing in high growth infrastructure project accessible through blockchain. Fraction0x is a crowdfunding platform, The thought is to decentralize the concept of centralized financial system and enable the 7 billion people on the planet to make and use their own currencies according to their own tasks.


For the world to grow at a faster pace, the flow of money should be smooth from the developed markets to the emerging markets. However about 50% of projects don’t start in emerging market because of lack of capital. This is where Fraction0x will help.

It is important to know what crowdfunding is to better understand the workings of Fraction0x. Crowdfundinng is the funding of a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet. Fraction0x is one such crowdfunding portal that is based on Blockchain. We aim to decentralize the monetary exchange in the world and be a support to the infrastructural growth of the developing countries. Fraction0x is a revenue generating infrastructural project to facilitate the growth of global economy. Investors can buy or sell their partial assets, the returns are expected from the revenue that the project generates and the capital appreciation of the same. Hundreds of global investors will be able to get fractional ownership of assets and would be entitled to receive shares of profits generated from the assets.

Here is a flow chart of money invested and received:

  • Investors will send crypto funds to a smart contract, where they are collected during the crowd sale.

  • On completion of crowd sale, the funds are withdrawn and exchanged for fiat currency (Dollar) via a Cryptocurrency exchange.

  • These fiat funds will be received in the bank account of a company incorporated in a crypto favorable jurisdiction.

  • These funds will then be put as FDI to a domestic SPV incorporated in the same jurisdiction as the infrastructure asset.

  • The domestic SPV uses these funds to finance the infrastructure project, and in turn become the owner of these assets. The revenue proceeds from the assets are hence collected by this domestic SPV.

  • The revenue proceeds collected by the domestic SPV are then paid out as dividends to the crypto favorable entity.

  • The dividend payment funds will be taken from the bank account of this entity and exchanged for Cryptocurrency via the crypto exchange.

  • The dividend payment (which is now denominated as bitcoin/ether) is sent to the smart contract which will distribute it to the investors.
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