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Stellar platform seamlessly interconnects payment providers globally and enables interoperability between diverse payment systems. Stellar enables faster and cheaper transactions thus managing micro payments easily.

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Applications that can be build on Stellar Blockchain .

Stellar connects banks, payments systems and people around the world. Stellar have a built in distributed exchange which allows people to not only buy and sell currencies like in a typical foreign exchange but also to seamlessly convert from one currency to another during cross border or cross currency transactions. These features of stellar can be used in implementing many use-cases like ICO, STO, DAPPS, financial systems, cross border payment gateways.

Our Stellar Blockchain Development Services


Initial coin offering can be best suited with stellar platform. The smart contracts provided by Stellar are simple, faster and non-Turing complete, which means that they can only provide simple functionalities for basic applications. In fact, some transactions and accounts can act as smart contracts which drastically reduces possibility of hacking thus making the platform relatively more secure.


Security token offering on stellar is becoming very popular these days as many STO's have started choosing stellar over ethereum because of the platform’s low transaction cost, high transaction speed and ease of dividend issuance to investors. Example : smartland (tokenization of a student dormitory in the United Kingdom) , BlockPark (tokenized shares of equity in a mixed-use residential/commercial property development in downtown Las Vegas)

Fintech APPs & Payment services

Stellar supports multiple features like management of micro payments, automatic exchange, real time transactions(2-5 sec), cryptographically securing transactions and many more that can be used to implement a 360 degree secure and global financial system. IBM has partnered with stellar to build universal payment solution powered by Stellar platform. Supply chain companies are also integrating stellar with hyperledger blockchain for payment settlements .

Real estate market Tokenisation

Stellar platforms enables to tokenise a property using stellar platform. Listing multiple real estates on stellar network thus creating a real estate market is already underway and the process has seen a steady growth. Stellar network empowers to buy property within minutes in other countries. Slice is working in a similar way and allows users to buy properties using virtual currency.

Agricultural land Tokenisation

Agricultural lands can be tokenize easily using stellar platform that enables real time transactions. Smartlands is working in order to select high quality agricultural land and tokenise it on the Stellar network .

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Node.js , Express.js , MongoDB , Jenkins etc

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Stellar use Stellar consensus protocol(SCP) to build consensus among nodes. Nodes are known as stellar cores on stellar network.Stellar not using the proof of work or proof of stake mechanism to validate transactions, it’s using federated Byzantine agreement (FBA)

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The transaction fee on the Stellar network is considerably small when compared to that on the Ethereum network. An approximation states that for the fee to total 1 XLM, it would have to contain 100,000 transactions .

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