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Ethereum is the most popular platform used to build dApps and Protocols. The support of it’s enormous community and immense research on ETH 2.0 are the most important reasons driving development of dapps on the platform. Ethereum allows to build dApps on public main net in addition to enabling creation of dapps on private forks of ethereum network thus empowering us to build a more “decentralized web”

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Applications that can be build on Ethereum Blockchain

Any application that serves a specific purpose to its users and has an important property that the application itself does not depend on any specific existing party can be built on ethereum. Some potential possible applications includes applications for identity management, crowd-funding, decentralised token exchanges, decentralised Lending, decentralised advertisement, decentralized prediction market, decentralized governance platforms etc.

Our Ethereum Development Services

Permissioned Blockchain

Our expertise lies in configuring ethereum blockchain customized as per unique use cases. We help our clients to fork and configure ethereum blockchain specific to their business logic and most relevant consensus algorithm chosen from Geth based POA, Parity based POA, Quorum based IBFT, Raft to name a few.

Smart contracts Development

Our solidity experts have built smart contracts for fundraising, games, collectibles, identity ,marketplaces, tokenised securities, lending and subscriptions. We are Etherium development comapny and known to provide full stack smart contract development, consulting and auditing

Decentralised Exchange development.

We build decentralized token exchange comparable to Radar Relay(0x), OasisDEX (MakerDAO). Our exchanges are highly secure & decentralized with some key features including fully customizable layout , embedded automated revenue system and modular admin panels.

dApp Development

Our team has expertise in developing custom secure web dapps and mobile dapps with integrated smart contracts and 2nd layer decentralised storage (IPFS, BigchainDB)

ICO/STO Development

Using our token Issuance platform our clients can create Ethereum token contracts and crowdsale contracts. Our platform empowers our client to issue tokens, create and run customized bounty and airdrop programs, interact with smart contracts and manage investors and users.

Smart Contracts Audits

Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency in smart contract code can potentially be very expensive when one deploys a smart contract onto the blockchain. With QuillAudits we help our clients identify potential threats prevailing in their smart contract code and make them more secure.


With TokenBridge, our clients can leverage a sidechain for faster transactions and cheaper gas charges. They can simply shift their circulation of tokens from their main net, where transactions cost more and take more time to complete, and seamlessly move them over to a sidechain.


Our Etherium development expertise lies in building web, mobile and desktop based multi-signature wallets. We develop wallets compatible with native ethereum coin, including custom coins and tokens.

Our Ethereum Technology Stack


0x Protocol , Kyber Network, Augur, Bancor, ENS (Ethereum Name Service )

Smart Contracts

Solidity, Vyper


web3.Js, Ethers.Js, 0x.js, ReactJs, Truffle, Drizzle ,ethPm, openZepplin, Embark

Smart Contract Audits

Truffle, QuillAudits, Mythril, Slither


Infura and IPFS, Storj, Sia, SWARM

Privacy Protocols

Aztec , NuCypher

Side Chains & State Channels

Plasma, Loom Network, Celer, Matic

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