EOS Blockchain Development

Simply put, EOS is fast. EOS can process significant number of transactions per second with sub second latencies thus can support real-world use cases serving millions of users.

Applications that could be built on EOS Blockchain.

EOS offers remarkable infrastructure to support high performance dapps. It is sufficiently fast and decentralized to build creative dapps that would not have been possible earlier due to performance limitations. Applications like decentralized games, which were previously limited by the low TPS (transactions per second) of the underlying platform, can now be built over EOS. This resolves the issue of network congestion faced by current dominating blockchain networks and such applications can work quite smoothly with high TPS offered by EOS.



EOS can support millions of transactions per second with sub second latencies.

Fees and Cost

On Ethereum and Bitcoin for every update action we have to pay fee to the network. While in case of EOS, one simply holds EOS tokens and transactions on dapps are totally free.

Seamless Deployment

The main advantage of development on EOS blockchain is the possibility to update smart contracts, thus allowing for agile development of applications, which is based on a continuous process and automation.

EOS Blockchain Development Services


Our team has expertise in developing secure smart contracts, web dapps and mobile dapps on EOS blockchain. Our team has successfully delivered dapps for industries including decentralised auctions, fintech, gambling and betting platforms/games.

Wallets , MarketPlace & Decentralized exchanges

We are EOS blockchain development company with expertise in multi signature wallets, escrow based dapps and decentralized exchanges (DEX) development.

Token and Asset Issuance Contracts

Using our token Issuance platform our clients can create Ethereum token contracts and crowdsale contracts. Our platform empowers our client to issue tokens, create and run customized bounty and airdrop programs, interact with smart contracts and manage investors and users.


Our team has expertise in providing end to end solution for development of games in different spheres including betting, distributed ownership based collectibles, marketplaces, decentralized economy based and P2P trustless competitions/battles on EOS.

Smart contract Audits

Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency in smart contract code can potentially be very expensive when one deploys a smart contract onto the blockchain. With QuillAudits we help our clients identify potential threats prevailing in their smart contract code and make them more secure.

Our EOS Technology Stack

Protocols and Standards

Bancor Network (BancorX), dGoods, vRam , Yolo (Kyber Network)

CLI tools

cleos, nodeos, keosd

Smart Contracts



ReactJs, eosJS + Scatter

Unit Testing

Node.js, Python

EOS Latest Blogs

EOS Smart Contract Development

EOS offers great infrastructure for supporting high performance dApps. It is sufficiently fast and decentralized to build creative dApps that could not have been possible earlier due to performance limitations .

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EOS Smart Contracts Security Audit — A Comprehensive Guide

Through this article, we intend to list various language and platform based parameters that must be checked during the smart contract audit process for EOS.

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