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Blockchain Technology is set to fundamentally disrupt gaming world which is enjoyed by over 2.2 Billion people worldwide by enabling entirely new functionalities. In current scenario, digital assets in video games like in-game items and player characters are primarily owned by organizations which are often run on servers owned by them. Blockchain will allow storing the items and characters in a decentralized manner creating immutable record of ownership thus giving the power back to users and making in-game virtual assets more valuable, liquid, and worth collecting. Trading in-game virtual assets directly will also be possible using blockchain by smart contracts allowing frictionless peer-to-peer transactions in a trusted environment, where entire transaction history could be accessed by anyone on the blockchain.

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Kind of Games that can be built using Blockchain.

Using Blockchain for increasing transparency and security by verifying player’s ownership of in-game assets and login details are just some proven benefits of Blockchain in Gaming industry. The most important shift will be the transition from a centrally controlled economy to a free market economy. Blockchain will empower all blockchain based games to form an open network where assets acquired in one game may be traded for assets from other games, or even used in other games directly. All of this is enabled without any overhead cost by building games on the blockchain.

Blockchain Features

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts provide transparency to Role-playing games (RPG) and gambling industry for checking the winning rates for the dealer, which is not possible in a centralized server. Every time there is a transaction on a smart contract, there is an increase in the value of the smart contract.


In-game assets, such as swords and skins, will be coded into non-fungible tokens that are completely unique and similar to real-world resources. Developers and players can create distinct characters and items that have their own attributes and legacy. Players can buy and sell these assets to peers.

Fraud prevention

Based on the trust mechanism of Blockchain, gamers can get a transparent and fair game structure without depending on third-party or specific independent developer to experience the charm of Blockchain games.

Game currency

Game lovers can earn in-game currency through our Blockchain game development which further helps them to play even paid versions. This allows players to play more, win more and collect money to purchase the best and newest popular blockchain games.

Micro payments

You can collect micro-payments with ease at much lower fees and faster transaction times. Apart from adding real-world value and multiple ways of monetization in the game, you can get subscribers too.

Blockchain Game Development Services

Our Expertise

Fantasy sports

Mint custom tokens and galvanize your audience - boost online interactions, supercharge your marketing efforts and give prizes to your biggest fans.

Launch your current game on Blockchain

Our blockchain game developers will help you to design from the ground up with game channel technology for virtually unlimited transactions and run your games entirely on the blockchain without the need for centralised servers

NFTs/Crypto Collectibles

Use the ERC-721 , ERC-1155 token, dGoods(EOS) standard to mint unique gaming assets - rare cards, scarce weapons & mighty heroes and film stars.

In-game asset management

The transactions on the blockchain will be faster, safer, and more cost-effective for users and developers. The digital assets in form of coins/tokens will be stored in the player’s wallet and you need not worry about the responsibility of the virtual currency, as the control of the currency is with the player.


Incentivise activity and encourage engagement by automatically rewarding your community members or gamers with tokens that have real-life value.

Payment gateway

A secure payment gateway enabling you to collect micro-payments in much easier, faster, cheaper and secure manner without relying on any third party. The coins/tokens players hold can be used to purchase other games in matter of seconds.

Our Blockchain Games Development Stack


Ethereum , EOS , Tron , Steem , TomoChain ,IOST

Blockchain Protocols & standards

0x (ZRX) , Kyber Network , MakerDao (DAI) , ERC20, ERC721, ERC 1155 , dGoods , Meta Transactions

Smart Contracts

Solidity , c++ , goLang

Smart Contract Audits


Blockchain Game Development

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