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We lead the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide

Why Blockchain Consulting?

Quillhash has served large corporations of world to strategies their venture into distributed ledger system via blockchain technology. We have partnerships with startups to guide them to adopt the decentralized technology for their dApps. We believe in building the new world with blockchain technology and changing the process in supply chain, payment systems and many more. With our deep knowledge of blockchain, we consult and identify every potential blockchain solution for every business.

Our Expertise


Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

Quillhash provides consultation to evaluate effective solutions and lay out plans for existing businesses, this brings opportunity for corporations to adapt with the decentralized world.


Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Quillhash focus is to improve and propel your business with blockchain applications. We also have provisions to integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without affecting any existing operations. Customized blockchain gives leverage to reduced maintenance costs, increased autonomy, improved efficiency.


Technical feasibility study

Our team is fully equipped to provide 100% tech support which eliminates your need to keep an in-house technology team. Our team thoroughly assess the potential of blockchain technology in your business and discuss possibilities of optimization by mapping an architecture that best suits your business.


Industry-specific Research

Our experts from different domains and industries will provide unique insights to current needs and problems faced by different industries. These experts with access to the results of our cutting-edge research in the fields of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology carve solution architecture for improving the efficiency of your organization’s operations.


Industry-specific Solutions creation

Our team of Blockchain architects, philosophers and subject matter experts are at your service when you develop blockchain applications for your business. Identifying core causes of inefficiency and issues related to the trust of data, privacy, safety and security, and building solutions to exterminate those issues is what we are best at


Developer Training

The research wing of Quillhash Technologies identified the very high demand and extreme shortage of skilled Blockchain developers, Our team of experienced blockchain professionals train your existing staff on smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, protocols, enterprise blockchain to develop a practical understanding of blockchain technology and its core function in your business.


Executive Training

Blockchain experts at Quillhash Technologies provides advanced level training for employees of Conglomerates eager to get past the blockchain’s steep learning curve. Our executive training covers enterprise blockchain, Protocols, Smart contracts, Cryptocurrencies ( Utility and Security tokens ), Non-Fungible tokens, major and side chains and non-disruptive deployment techniques.

Your Questions? Our Blockchain Solutions

1 Is blockchain feasible for your business?

Our experts will guide you on Blockchain feasibility for your business and without any technical knowledge, you can request a demo of our solutions.

2 How can blockchain add value in your business?

The principal objective of blockchain are, it promotes Business Transparency; it allows the company to get rid of Bureaucracy and Mediation, smart contracts automates digital structure and it supports decentralised cloud data storage.

3How will blockchain affect your organization over the next decade?

We believe in the potential of the blockchain, and we believe that the majority of the businesses are going to adopt a decentralized ecosystem. Our team is ready to help your company to deliver value by creating innovative blockchain solutions and implementing them into your business processes.

4 What are the barriers to organizations implementing and launching their blockchain agenda?

The technology is still very young, and there are tons of new avenues that need to be explored and improved upon like scalability and interoperability.

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Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition

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