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Simply put, A blockchain is a digital record of data, shared among a distributed network of computers which certainly has immense potential to transform our entire economy. Among its most prominent benefits are data security and authentication, transparency and disintermediation. Still many businesses struggle to understand the core ideas and the opportunities that the technology may present for their business model. Our experienced team of Blockchain experts and seasoned consultants can help you understand and voyage through this new world.

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Our goal is to help you find ideal answers to these questions related to your business

  • How can blockchain add value in your current organization’s value chain?
  • How will blockchain affect your organization over the next decade?
  • What are the taxation and legal implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency for your organization?
  • What are the barriers to organizations implementing and launching their blockchain agenda?

Blockchain Consulting Company

Our Expertise

Enterprise Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

Before your organization implements Blockchain technology, our team can help you determine the right enterprise blockchain strategy for your business. Quillhash focuses on working together with our clients to brainstorm and build better solutions from the ground up providing scalable and sector-specific blockchain applications that ensures fruitful results to our clients.

Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Quillhash’s aim is to improve and propel your business with blockchain applications specializing in Retail, Supply chain, Telecom, Healthcare, Finance, Gaming, real estate, and database management. We also have provisions to integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without affecting any existing operations. Some proven benefits include reduced maintenance costs, increased autonomy, improved efficiency and the elimination of fraud and basic errors using smart contracts.

Technical feasibility study

Our team is fully equipped to provide 100% tech support which eliminates your need to keep an in-house technology team. Our team thoroughly assess the potential of blockchain technology in your business and discuss possibilities of optimization by mapping an architecture that best suites your business.

Industry specific Research

Our team is contains experts from different domains and industries which provides unique insights to current needs and problems faced by different industries. These experts with access to the results of our cutting-edge research in the fields of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology carves solution architecture for improving efficiency of your organization’s operations.

Industry-specific Solutions creation

Our team of Blockchain architects, visualisers and subject matter experts are at your service when you develop blockchain applications for your business. Identifying core causes of inefficiency and issues related to trust of data, privacy, safety and security and building solutions to exterminate those issues is what we are best at.

Developer Training

QuillHash Labs , research wing of Quillhash Technologies identified the very high demand and extreme shortage of skilled Blockchain developers. Our team of experienced blockchain professionals train your existing staff on smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, protocols, enterprise blockchain to develop a practical understanding of blockchain technology and its core function in your business.

Executive Training

QuillHash Labs’ , blockchain experts also provide advanced level training for employees of Conglomerates eager to get past the blockchain’s steep learning curve. Our executive training covers enterprise blockchain, Protocols, Smart contracts, Cryptocurrencies ( Utility and Security tokens ), Non-Fungible tokens, major and side chains and non-disruptive deployment techniques.

Our Blockchain Consulting Process

QuillHash Solutions In 5 Easy Steps ,1. Ideation Step

We solve your problems with Blockchain

We identify your problems and help you resolve them with the best blockchain technology tailored for you.

  • We have:
  • A team of brainstormers & problem solvers.
  • An expert team of blockchain developers.
QuillHash Solutions In 5 Easy Steps , 2. Design Step

We turn abstractions into reality

We design and challenge the best possible way to solve your problems either through our implemented solutions or by writing better solutions from scratch. We take care of all the visual and technical design.

  • We do:
  • Design the blockchain architecture.
  • Design the visuals.
QuillHash Solutions In 5 Easy Steps , 3. Development Step

Our code fix all your problems

Our knowledge of currently available blockchain technology allows us to write you the best solution. We write efficient and scalable code, that bootstraps your business to a distributed ecosystem.

  • We provide:
  • Back-ends implementing RESTful APIs.
  • Web dApps front-ends.
  • Mobile applications for both iOS & Android.
QuillHash Solutions In 5 Easy Steps , 4. Deployment Step

We inject Blockchain into your ecosystem

We take care of all the deployment process while providing secure and reliable integration.

  • We Provide:
  • APIs for interacting with the blockchain.
  • All secrets and keys.
  • Security from any intrusion.
QuillHash Solutions In 5 Easy Steps , 5. Upgradation Step

We upgrade and scale on demand

We maintain an easily upgradable and scalable system.

  • We Provide:
  • Easy to upgrade plans.
  • Full maintenance services for your system.

Our Technology Stack

Our Modules are Build On the following technologies for robustness, speed, and customisability
Technology Stack

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