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0x Protocol (ZRX)'s off-chain order relay with on-chain settlement is a gas efficient approach to create P2P exchange. 0x (ZRX) enables tokens to be traded wallet-to-wallet with no deposits or withdrawals. This helps in achieving Non-custodial Trading.

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Applications that can be build on Ox Protocol .

0x (ZRX) supports modular smart contracts and provides tool-set which can be used to implement a variety of use cases. Popular use cases are DEX , Games and Collectibles , Prediction Market ,Order Books ,Decentralised Loans , Stable Tokens , Decentralised Finance Apps and Futures and Forwards Token Trading Apps .

Our 0x Protocol (ZRX) Development Services

Decentralised Exchange

The most popular use case of 0x Protocol (ZRX) is decentralised exchange. 0x (ZRX) offers modular smart contracts that enables asset trading without storing tokens or assets. Example : Radar Relay, Paradex, Star Bitex

Games and Collectibles

Dapps that are built on top of Ethereum can integrate 0x Protocol (ZRX) that will provide ability to build marketplace for NFT trading. Example : Gods Unchained

Prediction market

Decentralised prediction market and crypto directive platform generates set of tokens that represents stakes. 0x (ZRX) allows these tokens to be instantly tradeable in liquid market. Example : Emoon, Veil

Ox Relayer As a Service

You can deploy a 0x Relayer through our platform , enabling a unique relayer to be both launched and hosted (with no code). Also providing an admin dashboard for you to monitor and update your 0x Relayer .

Order Book

0x (ZRX) provides professional exchanges with ability to host order books and facilitates exchange of assets. 0x (ZRX) (ZRX) Protocol Flux (https://flux.market) enables off-chain order books which reduces gas costs and enables scalability. Example : Open Relay

Decentralised loans

Efficient lending requires liquid market where investor can buy re-sellable loan. Example : Bamboo Relay

Stable coins

Stable coins require efficient markets to succeed. 0x (ZRX) facilitates mechanism that allows these tokens to remains stable. Example : Fordex

Our 0x Protocol (ZRX) Technology Stack

Smart Contracts

Solidity, Vyper


web3.Js, Ethers.Js,0x(ZRX).js ReactJs, Truffle, Drizzle ,ethPm, openzepplin, embark

Smart Contract Audits

Truffle, QuillAudits , Mythril, Slither

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