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You can find several blockchain blockchain projects by our team
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  • All Work
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Stellar
  • BigchainDB
  • Corda
  • Quorum
  • EOS

Decentralized Retail Data Sale MarketPlace

Ethereum, ERC721, React.JS, Node.js, MongoDB, BigchainDB

User Retail Data Dapp

Ethereum, React Native, Web3

Desktop DApp for Retailer and Vendors

Ethereum,Electron.Js, React.Js, Web3

Shrimp Supply chain

Hyperledger Composer, Node.js, MongoDB , jQuery

Health Records On Blockchain

Stellar, Hyperledger Composer, Node.Js, React.Js, Socket.IO

Medical Prescription Tracking

Hyperledger Composer, Node.js, MongoDB, React.Js

Asset supply chain using NFT

ethereum , kaledio , 0x , erc721 , react.js , web3 , solidity

Medicines Supply Chain

Hyperledger Fabric, Golang, Node.js, MongoDB, React.Js

Asset Tokenization Platforms(STO)

Node.js, MongoDB, React.js, Web3, Solidity

loyalty program

ethereum , kaledio , ox , erc20 , react.js , web3 , solidity

Stellar Wallet

Stellar SDK, Node.Js , React Native

Forwards Contracts Trading

Corda, Kotlin, Node.js, React.Js

Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Ethereum , LevelDB, React, Web3.js, Node.js, Socket.IO

music and IP rights on EOS

eosJS , c++ ,scatter, node.js ,react.js , MongoDB

security tokens platform

Stellar SDK , node.js , react.js , MongoDB

Customer Loyalty Programs

Hyperledger, Node.js, React,MongoDB

Asset supply chain using NFT

ethereum , kaledio , 0x , erc721 , react.js , web3 , solidity

wine supply chain

hyperledger fabric , node.js , golang , MongoDB , react .js

loyalty program

ethereum , kaledio , 0x , erc20 , react.js , web3 , solidity

hyperledger Utxo based wallet

hyperledger fabric ,golang(chain code) node.js , react.js

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