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Blockchain for
Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights of an individual to their assets, they should have the complete knowledge of where and how it is being used. There's silver line, that's blockchain.

Features of our IP Rights




Proof Of Existence







Key Issues in IP Rights

Evidence of ownership

Ownership can be hard to prove, and authors may be unable to stop infringements or monetise their works effectively.

Piracy of copyrighted material

The problem any inventor faces today is of counterfeit and infringement. This problem has escalated with the advancement of technology.


Third party authenticators

Entering a new record into the system, such as registering a patent or a trademark, involves a costly screening process by a legal framework, which must be repeated for every country or region where the registration of ownership is to take effect

IP rights enforcement

Acquisition and maintenance of an intellectual property right is meaningless if that right cannot be enforced in the marketplace.

Solutions for IP Rights

How Blockchain helps IP Rights?

Our IP Rights Technology Stack



Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

tech protocols

Protocol & Standards

Our IP Rights Projects


Decentralized Music Platform on EOS Blockchain

The idea here is to make a platform for Music and Intellectual Property industry by digitizing the assets and making them tradable as traditional shares of company.

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Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition

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