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Blockchain Technology is set to fundamentally disrupt gaming world which is enjoyed by over 2.2 Billion people worldwide by enabling entirely new functionalities. In current scenario, digital assets in video games like in-game items and player characters are primarily owned by organizations which are often run on servers owned by them. Blockchain will allow storing the items and characters in a decentralized manner creating immutable record of ownership thus giving the power back to users and making in-game virtual assets more valuable, liquid, and worth collecting. Trading in-game virtual assets directly will also be possible using blockchain by smart contracts allowing frictionless peer-to-peer transactions in a trusted environment, where entire transaction history could be accessed by anyone on the blockchain.

Blockchain Game Development Services


Fantasy sports

Mint custom tokens and galvanize your audience - boost online interactions, supercharge your marketing efforts and give prizes to your biggest fans.


Launch your current game on Blockchain

Our blockchain game developers will help you to design from the ground up with game channel technology for virtually unlimited transactions and run your games entirely on the blockchain without the need for centralised servers


NFTs/Crypto Collectibles

Use the ERC-721 , ERC-1155 token, dGoods(EOS) standard to mint unique gaming assets - rare cards, scarce weapons & mighty heroes and film stars.


In-game asset management

The transactions on the blockchain will be faster, safer, and more cost-effective for users and developers. The digital assets in form of coins/tokens will be stored in the player’s wallet and you need not worry about the responsibility of the virtual currency, as the control of the currency is with the player.



Incentivise activity and encourage engagement by automatically rewarding your community members or gamers with tokens that have real-life value.


Payment gateway

A secure payment gateway enabling you to collect micro-payments in much easier, faster, cheaper and secure manner without relying on any third party. The coins/tokens players hold can be used to purchase other games in matter of seconds.

Features of Game Development

fraud prevention
game currency
micro payment

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Blockchain Protocols

Blockchain Protocols & standards

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts


Smart Contract Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are some of the benefits of blockchain in gaming?

In the Gaming world, most of the games work centralized means gamers who work hard to collect items on the games have no control over it. So Blockchain provides decentralization and full ownership of game assets to the gamers.

2 What are some of the most popular blockchain games?

Most popular blockchain games are CryptoKitties, 0X Universe, Spell of Genesis and many more on the list.

3 How big is Blockchain Gaming Industry?

As the growth rate of the traditional gaming industry has stopped as it used to be but after the introduction of blockchain in the gaming industry, as it provides gamers decentralization, ownership of their assets on the game platforms leads to exponentially bullish growth. Aftermath from many statistics have issued that billions of dollars are invested in the blockchain gaming industry now. Read our full article click here.

4 How much does it cost in game development through blockchain?

Our price varies from one project to another. It depends on the complexity of functionalities and the lines of code in the Game development. We follow an intensive development process by keeping the cost minimal to ensure the best result.

Request us for a free quote or contact our team, and we will get back to you with a feasible timeline and cost. click here.

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Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition

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